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Family Owned Funeral Directors Association

56 Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead QLD 4006

About Us

Our members are driven by the ideals of family, partnership and responsibility, and we believe that commitment translates to serving you better. The members of our Australian Funeral Directors Association offer total flexibility to deliver quality personal funeral care without the profit-driven restrictions of multi-national corporate ownership.

If family is important to you, you have our guarantee that our members will respond quicker, treat you better and most importantly, put your needs first, when it comes to showing you how to organise a funeral and to making funeral plans for yourself or another. Whether our clients desire traditional funerals or something tailored to their families’ unique needs, our members ensure that every wish is satisfied.

Our aim is to create a stronger community awareness of Family Ownership within the funeral industry and to promote the advantages that only ‘family-owned’ funeral businesses can offer including:

  • We can be more flexible with our funeral services and costs
  • We can respond quicker, offering better service for all types of funerals
  • We can tailor-make burial services rather than restrict them to fixed options
  • We can cater to individual funeral needs more easily
  • We put people ahead of profits
  • We are not controlled by multi-national owners
  • Our staff can be more attentive
  • Our staff follow our family values and genuinely care more
  • Our staff are more secure, and can concentrate on your needs first
  • We feel we treat our customers better
  • We offer a wider range of coffins & caskets to suit any type of service, from traditional funerals to the not-so traditional, as we are not locked into multi-national supplier
  • We are local, just like our customers

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