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Community Care

All Family-Owned Funeral Directors Association members maintain strong ties with the local community injecting financial support to help local clubs, volunteer groups and sporting organizations.

Unlike our multi-national corporate-owned competitors we believe that family and community must always come before profit.

Community care

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Alex Gow

"We live for our business. Everything we do reflects our on-going commitment to providing affordable, quality services to our community. All of our staff share our focus for serving our clients with total respect and doing all we can to make every funeral an individual celebration of life"

Brett Gow – Alex Gow Funerals


"Our family has been serving the community for over 114 years. At Burstows, we believe a funeral well done honours life, comforts those who mourn & declares to the community that each life is important.

Trevor & Don Burstow – Burstows Funerals


"We take special care of our families, and like to fulfill people's special wishes. We offer a range of high quality services, at the right price, and it shows by the heart-felt thanks and recommendations we receive."

Anton & Sally Brown - Anton Brown Funerals

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